Ending Bad – A Glimpse at Vince Gilligan’s Final Pages of the ‘Felina Script’

SPOILERS ABOUND: Okay, so the title of this post is definitely a pun-gone-wrong. Breaking Bad’s finale was nothing but the most satisfying way to end Vince Gilligan’s five season-long tale about transformation.

Today, SlashFilm posted a leak of the final two pages of the script to “Felina,” BrBa’s acclaimed series finale. The writer of that post made a point that I whole heartedly agree with…

No matter how good the visuals were, the writing on Breaking Bad was always better.

And they’re right. Vince Gilligan’s action text in his screenplays, the way he sets up scenes, and the insight he gives his characters on the page are the closest to screenplay-literature as we’re probably going to ever get (if you can show me better, I’d love to see it). The SlashFilm author went on to say:

As fantastic the first episode of Breaking Bad is to watch, to hear it read reveals another level of brilliance. If you were to travel back in time, sit down with Gilligan in 2007 and ask him to describe what happens in the show over a few beers, that’s what his writing sounds like. It’s perfectly, brilliantly descriptive with a language that’s filled with vulgarity and humor. It has a conversational, culturally current tone that pops off the page.

I’ll post the images to the screenplay, as leaked, below:

breaking bad felina script

breaking bad felina script 2

As beautiful as the cinematography, editing, directing, and acting all came together – Gilligan’s words are almost even more poetic that the sum of those parts. Obviously I would have rather watched BrBa than read it, but my God it’s such a good read. If you’re able to find an online version of the pilot, I suggest you read that too. A lot of the writers credit reading the pilot for the reason that they signed on to BrBa simply because how visual his language is, and how he really goes into the character’s thoughts.

Can’t wait to see what’s next, Vince.

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